Tuesday, 5 February 2013

JIMI TENOR - Out Of Nowhere (2000, Warp)

Scaruffi review:

"Jimi Tenor is a Finnish singer and multi-instrumentalist residing in Barcelona (Spain), also painter and photographer, who plays kitsch music to a techno beat with an approach that is the musical equivalent of Andy Warhol's pop art. Tenor sings (often in a sexy falsetto) mocking everybody from soul to glam....Tenor's soul obsession exploded on Out Of Nowhere (Warp, 2000), on which he often impersonates Curtis Mayfield. Accompanied by a 60-piece Polish orchestra, Tenor revises his routine and gives new meaning to everything he has recorded before. Hypnotic Drugstore grafts a psychedelic raga on his glam-funk shtick. Blood On Borscht takes on folk music and opera with heavy metal grandeur. Paint The Stars decomposes Broadway's show music. Night In Loimaa warps exotica. And Spell quotes Superfly. While not everything shines, Tenor's artsy ideology turns several tracks into stylistic puzzles."



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