Saturday, 19 January 2013

Claudio Rocchi - "Volo Magico N°1" (Ariston, 1971)

"This is in my opinion Claudio Rocchi best work and one of the best italian psychedelic rock albums of all time.The album has only 4 songs but what songs.The short La Realtá Non Esiste and Tutto Quello Che Ho Da Dire are sweet melodic and intimate with only Claudio Rocchi and his piano.Giusto Amore is longer,clocking at about 13 minutes,this time with the full band playing.Claudio made this song up while they were playing so this is basically an improvised jam and last the song which gives the name to the album.In this song or even better suite being 18 minutes long, there is everything that makes psychedelic music great.It starts with a few notes of an acoustic guitar then is just a crescendo, you get celestial voices,eastern sounds,hippie messages and screming and howling guitars and finishes with the sweetest notes a piano can play,it really is a magic flight.The quality of the recording is not the best but in this case,who cares,what is really important is the quality of the music and in Volo Magico there plenty of that.So give it a try,it is really worth it. " - Franco58 - SilverainTR

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