Friday, 18 January 2013

SAVAGE REPUBLIC - Ceremonial (1985)

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Scaruffi review:

"One of the most original bands to come out of Los Angeles during those fervent years was Savage Republic, led by guitarist Bruce Licher. Tragic Figures (1982) introduced a psychedelic and industrial music that was mostly instrumental and percussive, inducing trance and fear. The EP Trudge (1985) incorporated more explicitly elements of world-music. The atmospheric Ceremonial (1985) and Jamahiriya (1988), featuring new member Brad Laner, perfected their synthesis of psychedelic drones, middle-eastern cantillation and tribal rhythms. By the time of Customs (1989), their last album and their masterpiece, they had coined a musical language of extreme tension, instrumental subtlety and exotic appeal.."

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