Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pedro Santos - Krishnanda (1968)

Full Album on Davi Stroligo youtube channel:

01. Ritual Negro 02. Água Viva 03. Um Só 04. Sem Sombra 05. Savana 06. Advertência 07. Quem Sou Eu? 08. Flor de Lótus 09. Dentro da Selva 10. Desengano da Visita 11. Dual 12. Aranbindu

"This is such a ridiculously great album. One of the best albums I've heard come out of Brazil, and that's saying something. It seems like everything I hear out of Brazil, specifically the mid-60's to mid-70's, is brilliant. So here you have an unbelievably classic album, full of great melodies, beautiful vocals, and all sorts of wonderful sounds. This is without doubt one of my favorite albums ever, so get it and be merry! I want to listen to the song Dual as I lay on a beautiful beach, and fall blissfully into an eternal sleep.

"The album is utterly unclassifiable and when I played some tracks for fellow SS contributer Josh Nice he remarked (after picking his jaw up off the floor) something to the effect of, 'this is why I love music, because just when you thought you've heard everything worth listening to, you hear something like this and it renews your faith in music.' Maybe I overstated his sentiments a bit, but nonetheless its a great album" -