Tuesday, 15 January 2013

JUNE OF 44 - Four Great Points (1998, Quarterstick Records)

Full album on 1cromsbeard youtube channel:

Scaruffi presentation of the band:

"June Of 44, a sort of supergroup comprising Rodan's guitarist Jeff Mueller, Sonora Pine's guitarist Sean Meadows, Codeine's drummer and keyboardist Doug Scharin, and bassist and trumpet player Fred Erskine, summarized the aesthetics and ethos of post-rock. Engine Takes To The Water (1995) signaled the evolution of "slo-core" towards a coldly neurotic form, which achieved a hypnotic and catatonic tone, besides a classic austerity, on the mini-album Tropics And Meridians (1996). Sustained by abrasive and inconclusive guitar doodling, mutant rhythm and off-key counterpoint of violin and trumpet, Four Great Points (1998) metabolized dub, raga, jazz, pop in a theater of calculated gestures."

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