Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sycamore Age - "Sycamore Age" - (Santeria, 2012)

..a short introduction to Sycamore Age by Valentina Cidda
Sounds and words that give voice to the mud and the light that we are, that evoke hope and disenchantment, bifida sirens and bewitched ponds, appointments with destiny and dark forests that seem to come alive, places of the "elsewhere" where they are celebrating the "Day of the Scarecrow" and space-time where the absence becomes a presence and the presence becomes a constant suspension. 
A short and intense immersion in the places of dream and vision, where the dream shades off into the poetic frenzy of a warlike mind, because of courage or fear, a mind that goes beyond the rigid lines of any reason, a mind amused and desperate, just looking for a new faith into the fable, into the myths, into the archetype which becomes ideal and sound material.
Between and sounds generated by objects of all kinds - confetti of ceramic, wooden sticks, fists on the furniture, forks on a grater, programmable music box, lids, spoons and cutting boards, - combined with the continued and expanded presence of numerous instruments - theremin, bouzouki, strings and all sorts of wind instruments, pianos and double basses, electronics, warm percussion instruments of every kind and snowy steppes of electric guitars - enigmatic characters, moving and ironic, disillusioned and dreamy characters, they go along their way, asking maybe harrowing questions, aimed, ultimately, to postpone the questioner always and only to himself...
A small tribe that runs, for the duration of SYCAMORE AGE album like a compact fluid into a vein made up of epic and fairy-tale matter. Dazzled faces, dazzling bodies, maybe referable to a tremulous "us "...
"Us", beautiful and terrible and forlorn humanity, "us" who may be the grand finale of the species, we who, perhaps more than during all the centuries that have gone before us, we have the perception of the supreme doubt, the knowledge of the inexorable existential angst...

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