Tuesday, 15 January 2013

JESU - Conqueror (2007, Hydra Head Records)

Full album on Cherubinima youtube channel:

Review taken from the site 

"The gravitational attraction of pop music is even stronger on Jesu's second album, Conqueror (Hydra Head, 2007). Each song is, first and foremost, a romantic pop creation, which is then wrapped in disorienting but never overwhelming guitar noise. Conqueror is actually similar to latter-day Pink Floyd's music, dominated by a distorted guitar excursion. And so is the slightly more abstract Weightless and Horizontal. Transfigure sounds like a sweeter version of Dinosaur Jr. There's even an atmospheric organ (of the kind one would expect in a U2 album) in Mother Earth. The martial Bright Eyes reaches perhaps the melodic zenith of the album, a slo-core ballad with a soaring guitar line. Alas, Broadrick's vocals are far from being exciting, and the pattern keeps repeating itself with less and less interesting melodies.. Justin Broadrick's Jesu did to industrial music what My Bloody Valentine did to psychedelic music."

official website of Jesu:

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