Monday, 14 January 2013


Review of Streetcleaner from

 "Streetcleaner is the second album from pioneering industrial metal group Godflesh. At this point of their career, the electronics weren't quite as prominent as they would become so it would probably be best to describe the album more as an exercise in lo-fi doom metal with pulsating drum machines driving it then much else. Indeed, on Streetcleaner the focus is primarily on sluggish, foreboding rhythms and the swirling feedback which colours these sections. It is a gloomy, abrasive, and most importantly an immersive listen that I would compare much more closely to Isis then anything else...Streetcleaner is an exceptionally repetitive album, but this seems mainly because the group isn't afraid to draw out the best qualities of a good idea over time and build dynamics from it. The riffs are sludgy and thick, the guitar leads a shrieking pierce and with the pulsating and mechanical electronic drums (credited simply as Machine) both these fuse together flawlessly for a hour of dramatic evil. The album is an excursion into hell, from the opener Like Rats to Locust Furnace (Suction if you have the version with the Tiny Tears EP) Streetcleaner is a masterpiece in minimalist metal."

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